Though we have plenty of scripts to choose from, these are just some of our most requested and our personal favourites which receive over the top reviews:

RESORT TO MURDER  (5 – 8 characters)

Your generous company has given you the gift of a weekend away at Awakenings Spa.  We hope you brought your rubber boots because the sewers have been backing up.  What was once a lucrative company is now offering these low budget packages to unsuspecting businesses as a last ditch effort to keep the company afloat.  These wacky, hilarious characters will be offering up some goodies to keep you entertained and mystified at this pre-trip dinner.


  • Wanda & Richard Lovitt, the owners of the spa
  • Penny Trayshin, resident couples therapist
  • Serge Rolfing, the massage therapist
  • Karma Mystikka, psychic
  • Herb Skanheelu, Herbologist
  • Chef Pepe Poissant
  • EXTRAS:  Heather Olson, nail technician; Sam Cutty, hairdresser;

This script can also be done as a Hollywood theme party:  an entourage for the stars (perfect for a birthday or anniversary party) as well as a Valentine’s show.  Not really a dress up show, but can be easily themed to Hawaiian, Mexican Fiesta, etc.  It’s good for classy venues and a ‘thank you from the company to the employee’ kind of idea.   #1 MOST REQUESTED SHOW

HIGH SCHOOL REUNION (8 characters)

Kick back and enjoy the 80’s once again.  This 25-year reunion brings back some old friends and faculty of Selkirk High.  Sometimes the past can still haunt you and old feelings that may have been repressed can sneak up and really take you for a ride.  What happens when you get a chance for revenge after all these years?  What better time with a room full of suspects, everyone with a motive.  Behave yourself, though, or the principal will make you write lines in the corner, and she has a strap and isn’t afraid to use it. 


  • Skip Jamison, captain of the football team
  • Brittany Jamison, the cheerleader he knocked up
  • Warren P. Yurpance, everyone’s favourite nerd
  • Nancy Preston, class valedictorian
  • Principal Hegemony
  • Coach Slovenly
  • Mrs. Fran Bustle, the guidance counselor
  • Terry Shane, drop out now security guard / private investigator

Great as an optional 80’s theme dress up party, can also be other eras – 60’s, 70’s, etc.

HILLBILLY WEDDING   (7 – 9 characters)

All Lily Beth wanted to do is settle down and have herself a brood of kids.  When she met a city boy from Toronto, she thanked her lucky stars.  Her dad got down on one knee and begged Donavon to marry his daughter, who was turning 30 soon (unheard of, being this old and still not married in the Hills).  Buck had found oil on his land and they moved to the big city to find her a decent man, and this plan paid off.  The groom’s mother helped plan the wedding and they married within two weeks.  We’re so happy you can join us for the reception, but it’s going to be crazy; there’s pig hollering, bouquet tossing, and a whole lotta fun.


  • Lily Beth Waters, the bride
  • Nellie Woodsay, the bridesmaid (always)
  • Buck Waters, father of the bride
  • JT, family friend and (stand-in) best man
  • Donavon, the groom
  • Kate Carmichael, his “mother”
  • Reverend Shane
  • EXTRAS:  Red Waters (salesman of anything), Betsy Woodsay (completely crazy aunt)

This show is the highest energy show, with the most colourful characters.  It’s great for rustic venues like western style restaurants, ranches, barns, community halls, but works well anywhere!  Easy to decorate for and fun to make dressing up optional (but not required)  #2 MOST REQUESTED SHOW

MAFIA MURDERS   (6 - 7 characters)

Experience the roaring 20’s like never before.  The newly appointed Godfather has invited you to his Speakeasy, and later, we’ll all be going out to his huge yacht out by the moor, cleverly named, “the Prohibition”.  There, we’ll be able to gamble, drink and have a good time.  The problem within the family is, he’s not the only one who believed he should be the Godfather, so trouble begins to mount while the body count rises.  This mystery has a surprise ending unique to all of the themes we provide, one worth seeing for sure!


  • Donato Brundizzi, the Godfather
  • Waldo Brundizzi, his younger brother
  • Fifi LaTrick, speakeasy singer
  • Rita Scallopini, the niece
  • Crusher Ginelli, the bodyguard
  • Dapper Dan, the bookkeeper
  • Jimmy the Gyp, Dan’s twin

Dressing up in roaring 20’s outfits is fun and easy to do, if you want to offer this as an option!  We also have a modern day Godfather script, called ITALIAN CONNECTION, kind of a Sopprano’s feel to it.

ACT 1, MURDER 2  (7 - 8 characters)

Sage Productions fifth and probably last film is in the making and you are all invited to be here as extras.  You don’t really get paid, but you get a free meal from Craft Services.  This low budget film is really breaking the depleted funds the company has made over the six years they’ve been in business.  This final attempt has to make it big or they’ll be ruined.  The problem is, the main act turned up dead and now we’ve got to replace him.  Auditions for the next big star will take place, so exercise your warm-ups, this is your shot at fame and fortune.  Well, not really...but hopefully you'll live to tell your grandkids about it.


  • Sammy Jester, the director
  • Sheila Kingdom, the props and camera person
  • Sandy Burglass, the talent agent
  • Ivana Skreem, our leading lady
  • Cory Jander, our leading man
  • J.C. Flynn, our supporting actor
  • Billy Bob Talen, the Stunt Man & Stunts Coordinator
  • Terry Shane, Set Security

This script can have different themes within the movie:  Halloween – “Night of the Living Dead, the Musical”; Christmas – “A Christmas Story” or “Journey to the North Pole”;  A Western – “Six Guns on the Prairie”, A Doctors theme, a gangster theme, or any other theme you can think of.

All of the above themes can have a bit of Christmas spirit thrown into them, but if you’re looking for something very specific, try one of these:

ACT 1, MURDER 2  (7 – 8 characters) – as above, with A CHRISTMAS STORY as the movie within the show.  We can also do the GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS, or have the cast from the North Pole out!


Your company has been in partnership (in one way, or another) with North Pole Enterprises, which runs a theme park up North in Cambridge Way and is also a successful toy manufacturer.  The past CEO (rest his soul) Sam Klauss, was a visionary; he turned a small dog sledding company into a multi-million dollar theme park, which rivals Disneyland.  We are here tonight to find a replacement to run the company and you are all contenders.  Everyone thinks they’ve got a shot, some coming in Santa suits, trying to fill his shoes.  Big shoes to fill, but things are heating up – I mean, how far are you willing to go?


  • Kate Brigham, Director of PR
  • Mrs. Amanda Klauss, the widow
  • Nigel Fenwick, the caribou (reindeer) herder
  • Jenny Greenvale, Production Manager (elf)
  • Doug Wilson, self-proclaimed VIP (Santa #1 contender)
  • Barney McGuire, disheveled salesman (Santa #2 contender)
  • Terry Shane, gumshoe, just happens to be there for free food


It was supposed to be a nice little family Christmas party - just Mom, Dad and the kids
with a few dozen of their closest friends. It should have been warm and fuzzy, the perfect
example of family values and traditions. But the only thing warm is the blood being spilled and the only thing fuzzy is everyone's alibis. But that's what happens when murder comes down the chimney and deceit, hate and corruption are the only presents under the tree.


  • Harold (Happy) Holiday, the father
  • Mary Christmas, his wife
  • Nicholas Saint, Harold’s accountant
  • Jeanette Flambeau, daddy’s little girl
  • Harcourt (Hark) Angel, not so good son
  • Carol Bell, Hark’s new girlfriend
  • Terry Shane, there to investigate another crime


Tonight is promotion night for the new Andrew Lloyd Gumme/Tim Boyle musical, “Scrooged”. It is due to open in six weeks time but the show has not been completely cast. It is for this reason that part of tonight's activities are to be dedicated to finding new voices for the chorus and possibly leading parts, as well as selling a few cheap tickets for opening night. As a consequence, many of the significant players in the company will be on hand to mingle with the audience. You may need to audition, but don't worry if you can't sing, at this point we're just not that picky.


  • Mr. Gough Key, the lead in the musical
  • Rubella Martin, his leading lady
  • Tim Boyle, lyricist
  • Andrew Lloyd Gunne, composer
  • Petra Gumme, his wife
  • Neville Rood, the critic
  • Desmond Bell, sound man
  • Terry Shane, chorus, PI (day job, which he probably shouldn’t give up)

We have over 20 different scripts or can write you a custom one to fit with your particular idea.  We’ve written scripted stage shows too, if you don’t like the idea of ‘interactive’, but that’s what makes these shows over-the-top fun!  We have special shows to fit most occasions, including HALLOWEEN, MOTHER’S DAY, FATHER’S DAY, STAMPEDE (Calgary), CANADA DAY, MARDI GRAS, ST. PATRICKS DAY, NEW YEARS, STAGGETTES, B IRTHDAYS, GRADUATION & WEDDINGS!

CLUE: Murder is NOT a GAME (3 - 6 actors)

Mr. Boddy is found dead in his bedroom, bludgeoned to death by some unknown weapon. Inspector Dijon has rallied up his suspects in the mansion in hopes of solving his old friend’s mysterious death. As the weapons emerge, you’ll be called upon to investigate too and figure out whodunnit and with what?

Inspector Dijon - Ever clever inspector leading you though this crime
Ms. Starlett, the money hungry mistress who will stop at nothing
Mrs. Winter, the prudish loyal maid putting cleanliness to the test
Dr. Peach, intellectual lady’s man with healing hands
Ms. Partridge, the quirky ex-wife with more vices than virtues
Mr. Sheen, an old business partner with a grudge to bury

This script is tailored to your home or venue with multiple rooms. Guests will work in teams to search for clues and murder weapons and interrogate the suspects they will come across in the dining room, the hall, the billiards room or the study! A very different format, perfect for smaller parties up to 30 people. We can format this to one room as well, for groups up to 70, using all six actors.

MURDER, IF YOU WILL (Need 4 or 5 Actors)

Friends and family of the late Jack Danforth will gather in his large dining room for the will reading. It was only a matter of time; his health was failing, as was his relationships with most of his guests here tonight. The autopsy report in soon so we will learn of his Cause of Death, which may be natural or not…

Cynthia Danforth, Jack’s third wife, but as he learned quickly, the third time is NOT the charm

Abby Potts, The maid, just like her mother before her, but not as innocent

Sheldon Danforth, Jack’s prodigal son, showing up a week before his untimely death

“Chives” Chiveston, The loyal butler with secrets of his own

Terry Shane, an old family friend and the executor of the will (P.I. by day)

Smoking Gun Entertainment is a growing Canadian Company made up of writers, performers, improvisation artists and comedians.  We are one of the oldest murder mystery companies in the country, sleuthing since 1987. 

We have talented local troupes in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Vancouver, Barrie, Moncton and coming soon to more cities near you!

We encourage you to have fun with this website, because, like’s interactive and addictive!

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