Terry Shane Murder Mysteries


We love what we do, and so do our customers, take a look at what they have to say!

People that have been to these before said it was the best murder mystery they've ever been to.  By far the hit of the night…it was hilarious!”   Eric Dressler, Air Miles / Loyalty Group

“Everyone said it was our best Christmas Party Ever :)”  Angela Warren, Packers Plus Energy Services

“The acting was absolutely fabulous! Everyone of our guests loved it, and I think we are all slightly lagging today because of way to much fun.”  Kristiane, The Bridal Centre

“We all absolutely loved the show!!!! You and your cast were fantastic!!!!  The whole murder mystery idea was incredible and it made for an exciting evening!!!  Christine Markin, Welltec Canada Inc.

“I thought that they did an excellent job!  They were very entertaining, and mixed very well with our staff.  I would definitely do this again!” Val McLellan, Centre for Learning@Home

“Oh My God we had so much fun!!!  The actors did a fabulous job...They did make our evening a complete success.”  Lisa Thompson

YOU GUYS WERE FABULOUS!!! I am getting stopped on the street by people either telling me they had a great time or that they wish they would have been there.”  Yvonne Cyr, Town of Legal

“The dinner/entertainment went over extremely well. We have had comments from people saying that this has been the best LGMA conference ever.”  Jill Logan, Village of Radium Hot Springs

“…it was awesome! Your team was fabulous, both in their roles and personally. We are planning to do another one next year for sure.”  Judi Bastible, Riverbend Community Centre

“Your group was AWESOME!!! Had many compliments from everyone about how much fun it was and everyone laughed and laughed.”  Lynn Freeman, Terra Energy

“I went into the office yesterday and the feedback about the show was fantastic.  People had a great time (oddly enough, those that were most opposed had the best time!).”  Kim Clauss, Seven Generation Energy

It was Fabulous!!! We loved it so much we would like to have you back again next year to do "whatever?" we don't care because we know it will be entertaining no matter what you do.”  Kara Boucher, Chandos Construction

“…the group of players on Saturday were fantastic. I know I was a little apprehensive about the Hillbilly Wedding but you were right and it was hilarious!!  Jodi Currie, Kidney Foundation

“We had a terrific time. It was better than I could have imagined. You really helped bring our group close together and it was nice to see sides of people you don't normally see come out.”  Crystal Kendall, Devon Canada

“I heard nothing but GREAT comments… the actors were very entertaining… we were all talking about it the next day in the office.”  Rose Martin, WorleyParsons Calgary

We've received awesome feedback from the event - our guests loved you and we would like to work with you again next year.  Lauren Shea, Westjet

“Your crew was fantastic!  Everyone had a great time.  We'll be in touch soon.”  Shirley, Boys and Girls Club

“We all had so much fun. Everyone tells me that just when they think they have seen the best show, your next one is even better!!”  Mary Noseworthy, CJL

“You were an absolute hit.  What fun we had. It was so well received and everyone was still chatting about this morning. It was a 10 out of 10 for sure.”  Wendy McLean, StatoilHydro Canada Ltd.

WOW!  Your troupe was great and everyone loved the evening.  We have had these year end – staff recognition parties for years and each year we have a post mortem – mostly mortem.  This year it was unanimous – everyone hada fabulous time.”  Edie MacKay, United Way

“Thanks Janet. I found it absolutely hilarious! Thanks so much for everything.”  Radha Kuehn, HR

“…an amazing performance… All comments from those in attendance were very positive and they are still talking about it.”  James Mason, Recochem

“It was a fantastic show!!   Everyone had such a great time – they said they can’t wait until next year.  The acting was superb!!  Ginny (Virginia) Althoff, Newalta Corporation

“We have received rave reviews from everyone.  I love how interactive it was.  I have already passed on your contact information to others.”  Christine Crawford, ATB Financial, Pincher Creek

 “Hmmm, what we thought of the show:…fun and frolic at its height…a no holds barred surprise that made my sides hurt from laughing.”  Dawn Borgstrom, Gibraltar Mortgage

“…an amazing job!! I have heard nothing but compliments about yesterday’s event and some staff have asked for your contact info to pass on to friends and family in different companies.”  Amy Craig, CD&M Financial Operations

“With such positive response from our club membership with comments like “I laughed so hard my sides still hurt” and “I’d gladly sell tickets for that again over chocolates any day!” we knew it had been a big hit.”  Iris Jackson, Okotoks Stingrays Winter Swim Club

You did it again !! You guys are great !! Everyone loved the show.”  Mary Noseworthy, Professional Locksmiths of Alberta

We "came out of our box" with this event as we would typically have a sit down dinner with ourselves being the entertainment. :) Overall I think it was great fun and I heard positive comments from everyone all night.” Cherie Jones, HIP ARCHITECTS

“All or our volunteers LOVED the murder mystery and had a great time, so much so in fact that two of them keep talking about applying with your company!”  Christine Wagenaar, Ranchlands Victim Services Society

“… the night was a hit (again)!!  Everyone had an awesome time. You are always professional in every way!  It was great, can’t wait to do it again!”  Gale Jacob, Turner Valley Hotel

“Where do I begin to express all the positive comments I have received regarding the murder mystery.  You all did an amazing job and everyone had a great time and raved about how wonderful all the actors/actresses were and how much fun they had.”  Franca Gualtieri, Bissett School of Business, MRC

“It was great!  Everyone enjoyed the play and they had a lot of pleasure. Each table trying to find the murderer was also very pleasant and created some synergy.  Again, thank you for your patience regarding our fears, and thank you also for having been able to adapt to the personality of our guest.”   Ann Roberts, ABB Inc.

“Everyone that I have talked to said that you and your crew were a scream!  It was a real pleasure working with you and watching you work.  You are true professionals.” Phil Meagher, PLLA, Red Deer

“The murder mystery themed event was a huge success… I can honestly say that this probably was the best holiday party this company has ever had. So many of the staff came to thank us girls for setting up such an adventurous event – so thanks to you, we look pretty good!!”  Cynthia Chand, BearingPoint, Edmonton

“Hi Janet, I have to say that you and your group did an amazing job! Everyone enjoyed the performance as well as the interaction afterwards.” Chelsie Deschamps, TransAlta Corp.

“Absolutely everyone enjoyed the wonderful entertainment! Your actors did an amazing job! Most of the guests were laughing so hard, they were crying. Thanks to your staff, this years Christmas party has been the most successful yet!”  Belinda Seeman, SECPLP, Sherwood Park
“We have had nothing but excellent comments on your group…(they) did a fantastic job with the audience.  Sometimes groups are reluctant to participate in this type of activity as they do not want to be embarrassed.  This was not the case here and I know that we will have a larger group the next time.”  Larry, Riverbend Golf Course

Thanks Janet. We all had a ball. The evening was a great success!”  Dina Chernoff

“Everyone was talking about it all day Friday - they had a blast. I have already recommended you to the Team Lead of another group.” Joyce Rash, Encana

“It was non-stop action from the moment it started until it finished, and at one point I had to wipe the tears from my eyes I was laughing so hard. Overall, very entertaining, the cast members were witty, a riot and interacted very well with our diverse group.”  Peace Country BU, Dawson Creek SBU

“It was a huge success - everyone is coming to tell us how much they enjoyed the evening and ask where you were from.  Glad you also enjoyed the evening and the adventure to the big hamlet of Huxley.”  Colleen Maxwell, St. Mary’s Health Care Centre

“It was awesome and the younger ones who said this was their first time - Magnificent!  I would definitely have them back.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it Janet.”  Bev Parks, NCFRC Alberta

“It was a ton of fun and everyone totally enjoyed themselves.  I’ll definitely recommend your troupe to others!”  June Van Iderstine, Enbridge Inc.

“You did 100% more then what we expected and thought that your entire cast was very professional, clean and proper. Our professor said that your troop was the best he has ever seen and your group was the first ever to show up on time and with no hassle.”  Jared Cannon, RDC Tourism & Hospitality Management

“Your awesome production made me look like a superstar for hiring such a great team, making our evening a memorable one for certain.”  Barry Duffield, Calgary Police

“The show was absolutely fantastic!!  This was our best party ever!!  Kim Oliphant, Schnell Hardy Jones LLP

“The characters were hilarious and did such a great job. I couldn't be
more impressed…”  Marci Marhall, Nexen Inc.

You're the go-to guys for a murder mystery as far as we're concerned.”  Sean Lovell, Red Deer College

“We had a terrific time. It was better than I could have imagined.”  Cyrstal Kendall, Devon Canada

It was a blast.  Everyone enjoyed it immensely.  I loved the group interaction.  Bonnie Shave, The Associate Clinic

I really thought that each of you were absolutely funnyJ The show you picked for us was also perfect!  Audrey Bouchard, Shell Canada

“Your group did a fabulous job!!  The murder mystery was awesome and all our employees had a great time!”  Cathy Ouelette, Johns Manville

“Just as last year was a rousing success, so was this year!”  Jennifer Moher, DVS Drywall

“EVERYONE JUST LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of laughs!! Thanks again for such an amazing team building event!!”  Raissa Rioveros, Suncor

“The show was a big hit with the staff!  I received really good feedback from everyone. Every actor was awesome. I will be sure to recommend TSMM to my friends and colleagues.”  Julie Chan, McMillan-McGee Corp

“Everyone on the team had a blast. All of the actors were excellent and the show was hilarious. Many of our employees can't remember the last time they laughed that hard!”  Ashley Stroh, Graham

“…the actors did an amazing job. Thanks to all of them for a great experience that had us laughing off our seats.”Kimberley Cotter, Transat Distribution Canada Inc.

We heard so many compliments about how great people thought the evening was, and how funny the characters were.  The murder mystery was a huge success:)”  Karen & Mark Fleck, a Wedding show

 “…the murder mystery could not have been better.  (The actors) were the hit of the party and absolutely hilarious!!  None of us wanted them to leave.”  Sheree Logan, Talisman Energy

“The staff are still talking about it today, they loved it.  You and your group are very funny and we had a blast!”  Roxanne Wedeen, Tourism Calgary 

“We had a blast-your group was amazing!”  Melissa Ballantyne, Parkland Retail Fuels, Red Deer

“The actors were great. Very funny! Everyone enjoyed it!!”  Krysten Weisgerber, TNT Engineering

“Everyone loved the night and can’t stop talking about it, you guys did a great job!” Shauna Roy, Canoe Financial

“The event on Friday was fantastic! :) It was an easy to organize, fun, original, Team Building event. It really got people involved, and was entertaining the whole time.”  Alicia March, Enbridge, Edmonton

“Several years ago we had a Murder Mystery group for our Christmas party here in Red Deer and I will say your troupe and the event was far superior.”  Connie Haffner, Roadata Services Ltd.

“The majority of our evaluations have been VERY positive and numerous state that this was the 'best Conference ever' which could not have been possible without your troupe!!!”  Michelle Berg, Provincial Fitness Unit, (475 guests)

“They did a remarkable job from start to finish. Their interaction with the audience was very professional and hilarious.”  (2012)   “Our entire staff were thrilled with the show. Awesome job once again.”(2013) Rodney Perigny, Co-op, Olds

“I found the actors quite funny actually and your show was well thought-out. Much higher quality than some of the (named company) shows I've been to.”  Hanna Zarour, Marex Canada

“…such a successful event! We really enjoyed it! The actors were very funny & great about interacting with all our staff & drawing them in!”  Sarah, Whitespot, Vancouver

“LOTS of laughs, pictures, and was everything I hoped for. The characters were so over-the-top…and team building was amazing.”  David Hanishewski, Trimac

…immensely enjoyable and very entertaining and funny! The actors were excellent, very professional…The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive…it was one of the best team building experiences yet!  Annesia Lauclan, Calgary Association of Self Help

“…we enjoyed the Murder Mystery nighton theboat! Thecast was fabulous, very engaging and extremely quick witted and fastthinkingon their feet.   Lots of laughs and lots of fun! It was a wonderful night all around.”  Abby Tucker, Simply the Best

“It was amazing! We are still talking our wonderful time this morning. Thank you thank you! Truly thebest event we have ever had.” Alicia Hudson, St. John’s Ambulance

RAVE reviews from all 222 ticket holders in attendance tonight!  Tarzan Dan and Nicki from Kool 101 said they will let their listeners know what a great time they had…” Lauren Darie, PAWsitive Match / Meow Foundation Fundraiser

“…we were thrilled with how our event went! The actors were fabulous…there was lots of laughter and great energy in the room…  Narjes Rivers, Heritage Pointe Golf Club

“We loved the evening!!  Nicole and the troupe were fantastic… easy to work with and wonderful in their roles.  I would highly recommend a murder mystery to anyone looking for an enjoyable and fun evening!”  Jill Brachmann, ATB Financial, Edmonton

“Your actors did an amazing job staying in character all night, props to all of you! It was a lot of fun and something different than the norm!”  Melanie Willie, Dundee Realty

“We had a blast - so far the feedback from our staff and guests has been positive, we had lots of laughs.”  Ronda Winfield, Adams McFarland

“It was WONDERFUL!! We all loved the actors and I have passed your name and info onto 3 different couples!”   Suzan de Wit, Private Party

“The show was GREAT!  The night was full of comedy, and great laughs.  It was a phenomenal night.” Cheryll Joy C. Bailon, Durabuilt Windows 

“The show was absolutely amazing! My staff just loved and raved about it all night.”  Jackie Gettings – Elliot, Morrison Hershfield

“…such a fun evening! Everyone enjoyed the interaction with the actors and had a great time doing something different that brought everyone together throughout the night.”  Allsion Rettie, Yokohoma Tire (Canada), Vancouver

“It was definitely a night to remember with the colorful gang from the murder mystery!”  SEI- Industrial

“…each actor connected with different people, suiting various humours…we had a great experience  Francine Kennedy, Riddell Kurczaba Ltd.

“The cast was awesome.” Elaine Pires, Manlaw

“The Terry Shane Murder Mysteries was a hysterical and elegant ruse that had everyone guessing until the very end. The impressive deception by the cast proved to be an incredible mix of hilarity and creativity.”  Andrew Maclean, Calfrac Well Services

“…fantastic performance….you should be very proud of the crew!! Interacted with everyone - what a FANTASTIC bunch of people!!”  Stacey Bell, Argri-Trend, Red Deer

“Your actors were incredible they put on a great performance kept everyone laughing all night long… feedback from our staff that this year was by far the best Christmas party we have had!”  Rhonda Cowie, Mundies Towing

“They were very believable in their roles and you could tell that they enjoyed acting out their characters.  The entire audience of 300 people was engaged and that says a lot; it takes a great group like your actors to keep a group that size entertained…and you did it successfully.”  Melissa Cooper, Packers Plus Energy Services, Red Deer

“Everyone loved the humor and thought the actors were great… a great team building event, job well done!”  Paul Gill, UBC

“It was an awesome evening, and the feedback our planning committee received from all who attended last night’s performance was fantastic!” Brenda Boulet, Servus

“It was a Hoot!!! Loads of fun and everyone had nothing but great things to say about the actors!!”  Ginette, Mountain View Funeral Home

“You’re troupe was outstanding last night!”  Nola Brewster, Mooney Insurance

“Thanks again to all of the cast for the stellar performance! We’ve had nothing but positive comments.”  Diana Goodvin, Co-operators, Edmonton North District

“There are not enough words I could possibly say to let you know how incredible and amazing our day was because of you and your crew.  Janet, it's with all honesty when I tell you that I haven't laughed like that in about 10 years!”  Paolina Nocera, Calfrac Well Services

Smoking Gun Entertainment is a growing Canadian Company made up of writers, performers, improvisation artists and comedians.  We are one of the oldest murder mystery companies in the country, sleuthing since 1987. 

We have talented local troupes in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Vancouver, Barrie, Moncton and coming soon to more cities near you!

We encourage you to have fun with this website, because, like’s interactive and addictive!

Phone number: 403-703-5337 || Toll-free: 1-855-MURDER1 (1-855-687-3371)